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Smoke N Sear Tri-Tip

1 hour 10 minutes


1. Start things off by setting your grill or smoker to 225f.
2. While that is heating up coat 2 tbsp of stone ground mustard to your trimmed tri-tip roast.
3. Follow with applying a coat of your black gold rub to the roast and follow immediately after with a light coat of your butter toss seasoning. Place the tri-tip directly on the grill grates and smoke for 1 hour or until the roast hits 125f in the center of the roast.
4. Remove from the grill and raise the temperature to 500f, while that is heating up place the tri-tip in heavy duty foil and wrap it up to not lose your internal temp.
5. Once the grill reaches temp remove from foil and place back directly on the grill grates.
6. Sear 4 to 5 minutes per side until the internal temp reaches 130f to 135f or desired temp.
7. Remove again from heat and place on a large plate or cutting board. Loosely tent with foil for 10 to 15 minutes.
8. Dig in!


•2 tbsp | Stone Ground Dijon Mustard
•Spiceology Sasquatch Black Gold Rub
•Spiceology Sasquatch Butter Toss Rub

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