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Adobo Honey Pulled Pork

9 hours 15 minutes


1. Dry and trim your pork shoulder to your preference.
2. Coat with a thin layer of yellow mustard for the rub to bind to.
3. Apply the Spiceology shoulder rub and follow with a secondary coating of the Spiceology Adobo honey rub.
4. Heat up your smoker to 275f with cherry wood or pellets.
5. Place the pork shoulder on the smoker until internal temp hits 165f.
6. Remove from heat and place on two layers of heavy-duty foil add your preference of honey, butter, turbinado sugar, Cholula hot sauce and more adobo honey rub.
7. Wrap up the foil and place back on smoker heated up to 300f. Let it ride until the pork shoulder hits 205f internal.
8. Remove from heat and let the pork shoulder set in the foil on the countertop for 30 minutes minimum. Start shredding and dig in!


•Yellow Mustard
•Spiceology shoulder rub
•Spiceology Adobo Honey
•Salted Butter
•Turbinado Sugar
•Cholula Hot Sauce

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